Daughter Dear features the original music of Mary Arose, with musical accompaniment from her dear friends.

For the past year and half, Mary Arose has been traveling between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Asheville, North Carolina to write and record the music which comes to her in dreams.

She credits the beginnings of her musical journey to the “Rock & Rhythm Band” at Jefferson middle school. This program founded by Robb Janov supports youth to work together to perform popular music. Some of her hit songs from this time period include singing The Jackson Five's "ABC" and Aretha Franklin's "RESPECT". After being teased by some punk middle schoolers, she hid her voice away for many years.


Fortunately, Mary found her voice again in her 20's through yogic chanting, which has played an instrumental role in opening her heart to “Bhakti” - the path of devotion.  She fell in love with a few talented musicians along the way, and eventually realized that they were reflecting her own deep love for singing and music. Eventually she decided that it was more painful to hold her singing voice in, than to risk letting it out. She went on to receive some vocal training with Annette Cantor and Brenda Marley in New Mexico and the Gundecha Brothers in India, which helped her find confidence to begin performing.


Her performances includes singing her for spiritual teacher Amma at the Southwest Program at Buffalo Thunder, the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, and the Devoted show founded by Dominique Warfield in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Up until a couple summers ago, Mary loved singing covers and traditional devotional music but had a block around writing her own songs. During a balmy summer in North Carolina, she received the blessing of receiving songs in her dream state. A supportive group of friends and talented musicians helped her to develop these songs and begin the process of sharing and recording her music.

As a performer, Mary draws from her background in various forms of dance to embody the feeling of her songs. In the recording studio, she draws from her exposure to audio production through her decade plus background in film and media (www.SacredHandProductions.com) in order to create a rich and thoughtful experience for her listeners.

Mary Arose is currently working with producers Nick Johnson at On the Moon Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Phil Ludwig with Seclusion Hill in Asheville, North Carolina to record her original music.


She is excited to now release a debut 4 song EP as part of a fundraising campaign to record her full album “Turn of the Tide”.

“Turn of the Tide" will tell the story of healing her heart and head after a heartbreak and a traumatic brain injury from an accident this past summer. Mary Arose hopes to open her listeners hearts and minds through the power of this music, which has been so instrumental in her own personal growth and healing process.

She also hopes to raise awareness about concussion, TBI and the empowering “Love Your Brain” movement!



Help Mary's dream to record her first full album come true!

Daughter Dear's was recently interviewed on Zeta Globral Radio on "The Power of Music as Medicine" and her healing journey through music.

Enjoy the listen!

Music as Medicine

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