For the river is rising

Underneath my feet

Before it takes away the valued past

Won’t you carry me into sle-ee-ee-eep

For this weary traveler cannot fight this anymore

So please won’t you carry me home

And will you save me from this horror-or-or-or?


Won’t you carry me home? (x2)

Ho-o-ah-ah, Ho-o-o-ome (x3)


Are you joking? Are you joking?

Break my wings and you bury my heart

And leave me bro-o-o-ken, broken

Bro-o-o-ken, Broken!


Because we could have made heaven,

But instead we made hell.

What will become of us now only time will tell.


Won’t you carry me home? (x2)

Ho-o-ah-ah, Ho-o-o-ome (x3)


Don’t you know that it hurts sometimes

To have to let go of what I hoped was mine

But you put me up against an impossible test

And as I admit defeat may I please just have some rest?


Am I the only one feeling this undercurrent of despair?

And in my darkest of nights

I really hope that you are there

Cuz you’ll take it all in the vastness of your sea

And as I let go to float may I find ecstasy


And if I live to see the beginning of a brand new day

May I be the lighthouse


To help and carry us home

Help and carry us ho-o-ome

Ho-o-ah-ah, Ho-o-o-ome (x3)