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So, why the name DAUGHTER Dear?

After 9 months of diligent Odissi practice, I offered my dance at the feet of Divine Mother Amma - known to many as “the hugging saint”. After the dance, when I went up to receive her embrace I was crying and elated. She had a big smile on her face, pinched my cheeks and said “very good!” I asked Amma for a spiritual name, with the intention that I would use it for performing classical dance and devotional singing. (The people who have known me over the years know I have a thing for new names). She simply whispered into the depths of my being “Daughter, Daughter, Daughter, Daughter”.

In that moment I felt her grace. In that moment I felt incredible unconditional love: that no matter what I’m going through in life and no matter what my choices, in her eyes I am always her daughter. This is the love of the Divine Mother, and the love that she has for all of us.

I think about the point in time we are in on the planet. In my eyes patriarchy is having it’s final fit for power - as there is no way that this level of arrogance can be sustained. Mother earth will ultimately rule out. We are all walking through these fires of transformation together. Although, we don't know all of what we will be faced with, but can choose what we become in the face of it.

Daughter Dear has been created for the voice of the feminine soul to be expressed and heard. In my experience, being female is a complex blessing. The depth of which we feel is both our beauty and our struggle. In sharing my own experiences through song - vulnerable, raw, brave, beautiful - I hope to be a healing voice for the collective.

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