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TBI inspires "Turn of the Tide"

The inspiration for “Turn of the Tide” came from a painful life experience. Nine months ago I received a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. On the spectrum of TBI, mine was a sustained concussion with whiplash from being hit by a SUV at about 40 miles per hour while I was parked in traffic. This accident came just a couple weeks after a very painful breakup. Between these two incidents I was humbled to the depth of my core wound and beckoned to face my own shadow. 

There were days that I felt hopeless and confused, alone in the dark. I remember working with a healer who had gone through a head trauma herself. She said that one day I would be able to look back at this experience as a blessing. It was hard to believe this at the time, but I looked to these words as a beacon of hope. 

Here's me sitting down at the piano for the first time after the "Big Storm" in my life...

I sought out treatment and found much support through the healing process from professionals, family and friends. However, I realized I needed an outlet to express what I was feeling inside. Songs started coming to me fueled by my powerful emotions. I allowed my voice to open and express the feelings that I normally would hide away. I wrote the songs for "Turn of the Tide" at my parents' house last summer while I was in depth of my healing process.

I realize the most powerful form of transformation I have found is the ability to create meaning and beauty from pain.  

I then came back to Asheville to further develop this material. My dear friend Julia Loretta lovingly stood by my side and helped write piano arrangements for my songs. The talented and compassionate Isabell Castellvi helped us refine and further develop them by adding her cello arrangements and musical expertise. Philip Ludwig and Fran McKeendree brought me into their studios to start laying down initial recordings for the beginnings of my new album.

I have been able to make it this far on the musical journey with goodwill, trades and savings but now I need further support to accomplish my mission of completing this album. 

Mission - "Songs as Medicine"

I have come to the point where I indeed have come to see the accident as a blessing. It gave me the opportunity to discover myself on a whole new level of awareness. There is so much more that I could say about this, but truly the essence of what I have felt and learned is best communicated in the songs. 

MY PRAYER is that this music becomes medicine for others, as it has been medicine for me. If there is one thing I have learned, I don’t believe it’s possible to fully heal on one’s own. We are intrinsically connected, and therefore my healing is your healing, and your healing is mine. I hope that through sharing my own journey that others may find solace for their own. 

I also hope to raise awareness about concussion, TBI and the empowering “Love Your Brain” movement!

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