Sacred Lover Pic.jpg


Oh Oh Oh Sacred Lover (x3)

I could kiss your face forever
Even knowing you’ll be the death of me!
Throw me in your sacred fire, ya
Take the very breath right out of me.

I could dance this dance forever
Even knowin' you have the eyes to see
All my flaws and imperfections, ya
Just help me remember your forever heartbeat.

I could walk this path forever
Even knowin' you’ll be the end of me!
Lay me down by your waters, ya
I’ll listen forever to the sound of your stream.

I could kiss your feet forever
Even knowing you’ll bring the death of me!
Take me to your holy mountain
I’ll climb forever, just set me free.


And I can see you clearly now! (x2)

In matters of the heart there's no foolin' me.

Cuz I can see you clearly now (x2)

In matters of the heart it is plain to see...

Through every trial and tribulation, ya,

You’re searchin' my heart for the very best in me...

And I will wake wake wake in your waters,

I will swell swell swell - swell in your tide.

I will be lost lost lost - on your holy mountain

If at your feet I will arrive... I will arrive.


Oh Oh Oh Sacred Lover (x3)